What is the Article 15 Project?

The Article 15 Project is an on-going research and development collaboration between WorldVision, Save the Children Norway, UNICEF and Childwatch International and coordinated by the Children’s Environments Research Group (CERG) of the City University of New York.  In recent years, international child-serving non-government organizations have offered increasing support to children’s clubs or “child-led groups” because they have found them to be an excellent means of fulfilling children’s rights for protection and development in an authentic participatory manner. Many of the new kinds of children’s groups that have emerged in various nations since the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child are more deeply participatory than children’s groups have hitherto been, because they are built from a recognition of the importance of children knowing their rights and of participating centrally in the execution of their right to protection and to development.  However, there has been little critical self-reflection by these new types of organizations, sparse documentation of how the groups function and little guidance material for children or adult facilitators on alternative ways to establish, govern, manage and sustain children’s own organizations. The Article 15 Project is designed to fulfill this need.

The Article 15 Project is proudly and generously supported by a global collaboration of partnered organizations. Click on any partner’s logo for more information about their individual mission and work.


Roger Hart, Children’s Environments Research Group

Bijan Kimiagar, Children’s Environments Research Group

Paul Stephenson, World Vision International

Tiffany Tao Joiner, World Vision International

Annette Geirtsen, Save the Children Norway

Claire O’Kane, Freelance Child Rights Specialist

Kim Sabo Flores, Senior Vice President and Chief Activator at Algorhythm