The Article 15 Project supports the capacities of children and youth around the world to self-organize and fulfill their rights, in partnership with adults, by:

  • Raising awareness around Article 15 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, children’s right to freedom of association and peaceful assembly.
  • Developing tools for the establishment, management, and sustainability of child-managed groups
  • Supporting children and adults to work in partnership by designing a process that strengthens their understanding and respect for one another

This website hosts resources for child and youth-led groups may use to become more inclusive, clear, and fair. The primary resource available is the Article 15 Resource Kit. It is free to download and may be printed and adapted. Most of the tools in each module of the Resource Kit have been co-developed through regional workshops and visits with children and youth groups. We will continue to add more resources and would love to hear from you if there are other tools you use within your group to help make it better.


Mirrors of Ourselves

This video describes participatory methods that were developed by CERG to enable children in Nepal, aged 8 to 16 years, to look critically at the functioning of their clubs. It is relevant to any organization of young people that would like to organize itself in more democratic ways.

The Child Club Movement in Nepal

This video provides an overview of the child club movement in Nepal, including clubs’ roles in local and national governance, and multiple social issues. The film was supported and produced by Save the Children Norway.